Saturday, 27 December 2014

Vegan Celebration Trifle!

I made this monster-sized trifle to take to my mum's place on Christmas day. 
In all its glory, before chocolate grated on top
It was an architectural feat as well as a test of my organisational skills! 

Happily, none of the individual components are difficult at all. You just need to plan to make sure all the components are made and ready to go. I made all the different parts over a day in between preparing other dishes for Christmas, making granola for presents, etc. 

I have to stress that this trifle is really really worth making. It is especially great to feed a large crowd. The taste of all those layers together is decadently delicious.

Practically everyone asked for second helpings and for the recipe. I love that it is pretty, yet can be just slopped onto a plate gracelessly!

The bowl I used was very very deep!
This recipe is pretty versatile. You could add alcohol and different fruits!

Vegan Celebration Trifle  


2 x round vanilla cakes (I used this recipe)

Double batch of vegan pastry cream (I used the recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking, recipe also here)

2 x coconut thickened cream (I used Alpine Thickened Coconut Cream)

2 x large punnets of strawberries, sliced

2-3 cups raspberries mixed with a bit of sugar (I used frozen, defrosted)

About half a block of chocolate for grating

About 1 cup of black coffee


I divided each component into three to make three layers. 

I did my layers in this order:
  • cake, sliced to fit shape of your bowl 
  • pour a few tbsp of coffee over the cake
  • spread the pastry cream on top of the cake
  • spread the thickened coconut cream on top of this
  • place the strawberries around the side so it lines the bowl (this looks pretty in a glass bowl)
  • add raspberries
  • add grated chocolate
  • repeat!


  1. sounds great though I wouldn't fancy the coffee - I tend to go for juice to soak my cake - well I would if I ever made trifle - I am much better at eating it and admiring your construction

    1. Thanks Johanna juice would be great to soak the sponge in, or alcohol ...

  2. Wow, it looks terrific! That Alpine coconut cream must be so great in a trifle.

    1. Thanks Cindy! The cream is great in this- also planning to use it to top a raw strawberry cheesecake for tomorrow :)

  3. This is definitely an impressive feat! I never really liked traditional trifle on account of not liking cream, but a vegan version holds great appeal.

    1. Thanks Kari! Same here, I was never a huge fan before but this one is great if you've got the time to put in together :)

  4. That looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much! I hope you like it if you make it :)