Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tasty tales

As I mentioned in the last post, Theresa passed on the Food Stories blog award to me which asks that the recipient share some random facts about themselves as well as pass the award on to five other bloggers. So here are a few of my random facts...

Before Sylvia was born, I ran some community vegan cooking classes. It was such a rewarding and fun experience to connect with new people and share plant-based food ideas with them. I would love to do it again one day. 
I've always liked pretty unusual combinations of food. But now that I'm pregnant again I think my tastes are actually more subdued. Does this snack of apple, peanut butter, strawberry and sultanas seem odd to you?
At the moment, I'm enjoying Sylvia's imaginative games. Most of them are related to cooking and food, such as this "picnic" with "chocolate chip biscuits" made from play dough.  
I love cupcakes, making and eating them... need I say more? Here are some Christmas cupcakes we made at my cooking classes.
Here are the great blogs I'd like to nominate:


  1. I too love weird flavour combos, so those apple pb sultana strawberry treats look absolutely lovely to me!

  2. Gosh, I really suck at blogging at the moment, will do this when I get a proper chance!

    1. Don't worry, my posts are few and far between as well. Hard to find time with little ones!