Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Tale of Two Vegan Quiches

I've been on a bit of a quiche kick lately.

Before I was vegan, I didn't mind quiche but I always found it rather heavy.

Vegan quiche, in my opinion, is so much better!

Quiche #1

I made this quiche from Oh She Glows when our lovely friends came over for lunch on New Year's Eve. 

The filling is made with firm tofu, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. The crust (which I especially loved) is made with ground almonds, oats and herbs. No flour!

I really enjoyed it, and it was a hit with our friends.

My partner, however, was not so convinced. He said it tasted too much like scrambled tofu. Glaring at him, I said yes, and what's wrong with that?! 

Quiche #2

My partner loved this quiche from the Gourmet Vegan, which is made with besan (chick pea) flour. I made it with mushrooms instead of cauliflower. 

I didn't tell him that it was made with besan flour because he has some weird aversion to the stuff. So hopefully he doesn't read this!

Once it cooled, I thought the texture of this one was quite similar to the quiche made with firm tofu. 

I really liked this quiche too. It reminded me a little bit of the scrambled eggs I love. And everyone knows how much I love besan flour. Seriously, is there anything it can't do?

So the verdict? I liked them both equally and will make them both again! The first one was very tasty (loved the sun-dried tomatoes) and the second one had that lovely distinct besan flour taste. Quiche number 2 is probably a bit easier to make, no blending required. 

And now I think it's time to make a quiche with silken tofu. I remember making this one from Easy As Vegan Pie ages ago, and it was amazingly good. 


  1. I had to laugh at you not telling your partner about the besan flour - exactly the kind of thing I'd do if I thought Mr Bite would be unnecessarily put off a recipe (if I really don't think he'd like it I just don't give it to him, but sometimes he is prejudiced without reason)! I'm also interested to hear you don't like traditional quiches much but do like the vegan type. I never liked regular quiches either and so never bothered trying vegan recipes, but perhaps I should.

    1. Thanks Kari! I definitely think you should give vegan quiche a try :) and yes, "prejudiced without reason" is a good way of putting it, my partner the same with certain foods :)

  2. Lol at the "glaring at him, I said yes, and what's wrong with that?!" That is so me whenever Andy says anything about my cooking!

    For a while we were making a chickpea flour quiche on the regular but I sort of forgot about them. This recipe looks like an easier version of the kind I used to make - bookmarked for future chickpea flour quiches!

    1. Yes, Peter rarely makes any comments about my cooking that are remotely negative - too scared, haha!
      I did love the flavour of the chickpea quiche too- will have to try it with other veggies