Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Vegan delights

Here are a few vegan delights from my kitchen these days:

Raw desserts

I am pretty attached to my regular baked vegan desserts, but lately I'm loving refreshing raw desserts. They are a delicious sweet fix as well as highly nutritious. I am always amazed at how simple raw ingredients such as nuts, coconut oil and dates create such luscious desserts with beautiful textures.

This 'cheezecake' from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen is absolutely divine (this seems to be the recipe here). I make it regularly. It is creamy, with that cheesecake tang, and the macadamia base is delicious. Other great raw cheesecake recipes are this chocolate cheesecake and this chocolate-strawberry truffle pie.

This is based on the mango fruit cobbler recipe from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, but I used peaches and nectarines instead. Just take some fresh fruit, add the pecan crumble mix and the syrup made with dates, coconut oil, vanilla and water on top. Very moreish. 

Co Yo Coconut Milk Yoghurt

Co Yo yoghurt is by far the best vegan yoghurt I've ever had. It reminds me of Greek style dairy yoghurt. It is on the pricey side, but well worth it. It is so rich that you only really need one dollop at a time. Having said that, I demolished nearly a whole carton of this in one sitting the other day. I'll blame breastfeeding for my big appetite!

Easy weekend pancakes

I love this recipe because you just throw everything into the blender and the pancake mix is ready! Just perfect for weekends when you feel like something different for breakfast but are short on time. I also love that it uses spelt flour.

Heavenly tomato tart

Sylvia loves this tart and it's a quick, tasty mid-week meal. I make a few tiny changes to this recipe - I usually take the opportunity to sneak in kale or spinach into the cream filling tofu mixture, I use fresh garlic and I use puff pastry instead of phyllo. 


  1. I would take any and all of this :) It all looks fantastic. That raw cheesecake recipe you mention is on my bookmarked list too - I have played around with raw cheesecake but not made that particular version yet.

  2. It's really worth making Kari, I think it's nicer, not to mention healthier, than traditional cheesecake. Hope you like it :)