Sunday, 30 June 2013

Healthier vegan baking

There are definitely times when only white flour and sugar in baked treats will do. 

However, lately I have been dabbling in healthier vegan baking. 

Sylvia loves sweet foods as much as I do and is reluctant to try new foods at the moment. I have got into the habit of making a healthy sweet treat each day or second day, trying to load it with nutritious stuff. 

I feel better about her eating these kinds of sweets, even if she has had little for dinner (or a Vegemite sandwich!). And of course, it's good for the rest of us too!

I have found some great recipes on other blogs.

These healthier homemade pop tarts were lovely. The dough was a bit fiddly to work with, but worth it in the end. Anything with sprinkles is a winner with Sylvia!


Some other favourites are chocolate coated pretzelsspelt blueberry muffins and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

I am quite obsessed with spelt flour at the moment. These chocolate pumpkin spelt muffins are lovely and light, veganised from a recipe I found online (recipe below).


I recently bought Whole Grain Vegan Baking. It's a gorgeous book. I only wish I had more time to make everything in it! I'm really enjoying trying the different flours in these recipes, such as barley flour. 

Here are a couple of things I've made from it so far.

Hearty barley fruit bread

Savory barley and potato scones 
I'd love to hear some other healthy baking ideas!

Chocolate Spelt Pumpkin Muffins (adapted from this recipe)

3/4 cup wholemeal spelt flour
3/4 cup white spelt flour
3 tbsp cocoa
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp ground flaxseeds
6 tbsp water
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 cup pumpkin purée

Preheat over to 180C. Line/oil muffin pan.

Whisk together flaxseeds and water and set aside.

Mix together flour, cocoa, spices, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

Make a well in the flour mixture and add flaxseed mixture, maple syrup and oil. Mix until combined.

Fold in the pumpkin puree until just mixed in.

Pour mixture into muffin pan and bake until muffin tops are firm, around 20 minutes. 


  1. Looks yummy! I love spelt flour in recipes too. Great texture and taste! Glad that you enjoy the chocolate chip cookies! :)


    1. Thanks Tiffany! I have loved every single one of your recipes I have tried :)

  2. I know the feeling of trying to get some good food in wherever you can. My sylvia is more prepared to try new sweet foods than to try new savoury foods. Flapjacks, energy balls and digestives work well. Here is a wholemeal sugarfree cake I have enjoyed in the past and must try again

    1. Thank Johanna, will definitely check out that cake! My Sylvia is much more likely to try sweet foods too. She loves these too

    2. thanks kate they look good

  3. We love these chocolate, prune, and bran muffins

    I think I'm going to have to try these chocolate pumpkin muffins though. Do you make your own pumpkin puree or use tinned? I have several recipes that call for a tin of pumpkin puree but I have been unable to find it in the supermarket :/

    1. Oh yum they sound great, will have a look! Thanks :) I just steam and purée my own pumpkin. I give my baby some while I'm at it :) I've only seen the American stuff in tins in specialty grocers but they are expensive and have additives.

  4. It's a slippery slope once you get enthused about this kind of baking - I've gone down it with joy and never looked back (and I don't even have children!) :) I agree that sometimes refined ingredients are what is needed, but I love the fun of making things with natural ingredients and having them still taste good, or knowing there are vegetables in my chocolate muffin, or whatever it might be. I like these muffins and will look forward to seeing what else you get to!

  5. You're right Kari- it's kind of addictive and now I'm reserving use of refined ingredients for special occasions :) by the way I made your quinoa flake pumpkin biscuits the other day and loved them! Tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Anyway thanks for the recipe! Hope you like these muffins too

  6. I've been getting into healthier baking lately, when I have the time. Have you seen Dreena Burton's Let them eat vegan! cookbook? It's full of healthy everything, including loads of baked good recipes.

    1. No I haven't seen that book Theresa, I'll have to get a hold of it. Thanks :)