Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rainbow Birthday Cake + Party Food

We hadn't really planned on having a party for Sylvia's 4th birthday. Except that in the months leading up to her birthday, she talked non-stop about what cake she would have, what would be in the party bags and what other food we would make.

So, as Sylvia is the "boss of this house", we had a small party at a nearby park! 

Most importantly, here is the rainbow cake:

Firstly Sylvia asked for a fairy cake. I was relieved when she changed her mind to a rainbow cake, it seemed much more manageable! I googled some images and this one seemed fairly simple. 

I used this wonderful birthday cake recipe. I made one round cake, which I then cut in half and sandwiched together to form the rainbow. I also made twelve cupcakes, which were the clouds. 

I decided to make a strawberry cream cheese filling for the cloud cupcakes and the main cake. I used the cream cheese icing recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and added some fresh blended strawberries. 

I used basic vegan buttercream icing for the rest - icing sugar, vanilla, vegan margarine, a splash of milk and colouring. 

This cake definitely contained the most sugar I've ever used in one cake! Sylvia loved it, and it tasted brilliant. It did take a bit of time, but none of it was very difficult. I love how all-consuming (!) baking is. A world war could have broken out while I was making and decorating this cake and I'd be none the wiser. 

Sylvia chose all the food. We had fairy bread and chocolate bread (bread with vegan chocolate spread), fruit skewers with vegan marshmallows and vegan sausage rolls. And the rainbow cake, of course. I think she chose very well!

Now it's dawning on me just how many novelty birthday cakes lie ahead of me, for both Sylvia and Lexie. Um, a lot! Their requests are sure to increase in difficulty as they get older! I just need to make sure that I don't run out of steam...

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  1. You and Johanna make me smile with your two Sylvia's and their nearby birthdays :) Your cake is gorgeous Kate and I am sure your Sylvia and her friends loved it. The coloured icing swirls are particularly impressive as I am quite sure one of mine would have deviated out of its neat arc and dripped down the cake...

    1. Thanks Kari! I know, it's such a coincidence isn't it? This cake was easy to make pretty, didn't involve much skill... I was just happy that the cake didn't tip over and arrived to the park in one piece!

  2. I missed this one but am glad I stumbled upon it because your cakes are gorgeous, I love the other treats (cute fairy bread) and I also got to catch up with some of the cakes you posted last year that I missed. Cute rainbox cake. When Sylvia was 4 she started to get into parties but her planning got even bigger this year for her 5th birthday. However my 9 year old niece surprised me last year with a request for a plain birthday cake rather than a novelty one. I thought you were never too old for birthday cakes.

  3. Thanks Johanna- I've long been so impressed by your novelty cakes! Yes maybe by 9 kids consider themselves too grown up for these kinds of cakes... But I for one would love someone to make me one for my bday :) my Sylvia is already planning her next party!