Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: Royal Sweet Cake Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant (Sydney)
Royal Sweet Cake
44 Station Street, Wentworthville

Royal Sweet Cake (RSC) is located near Wentworthville railway station. There are a number of similar restaurants in the street but this one distinguishes itself by claiming it is Pure Vegetarian, meaning vegetarian (not vegan).

The interior is simple and the staff helpful. The RSC menu lists a number of dishes, mostly curries, but only a handful are vegan.

Dishes ordered were cauliflower pakoras, a chickpea entrée, vegetable curry, potato and pea curry, rice and flat bread.

The entrées were tasty except the pakora a little dry. The chickpea dish was large and would have been enough for a main meal.

The vegetable curry was delicious with plenty of coriander. The potato and pea curry did not have the variety of textures and tastes as the vegetable one but still satisfying.

For dessert, RSC offers a number of sweet cakes. There were four varieties for vegans, two made primarily of cashews, one of chickpeas and one of wheat. The cakes were delicately flavoured with a very pleasant after taste.

RSC caters for children, is not licenced and is reasonably priced.

Stars:  ** out of *****

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