Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glenbrook Vegan Treats

Life rocks! I found two fabulous places that sell great food, although not exclusively vegan, they are great nonetheless. I'd heard that Rubyfruit (the amazing cake maker of Leura, in The Blue Moutains) frequented a food market in Glenbrook (at the beginning of The Blue Mountains up from Penrith), once a month. I live about 15 minutes away.

The day was cold and rainy, I had commitments in the morning and also in the afternoon but nothing could stop me going there. There weren't many people selling, I went from stall to stall searching for RF. I asked someone, they said RF cancelled because of the weather, sob... The saw my disappointment and said that there was a cafe a couple of streets away that sold her cakes.

Jazz Apple Kitchen
6a Ross St, Glenbrook

This was a funky little cafe with an interesting menu. They had vegan, vegetarian, meat, and gluten free dishes. They even had vegan cakes (not RF). Live music, family friendly and open late for dinner.

Mash Cafe and Restaurant
19 Ross St, Glenbrook

This place had the goods, an amazing RF chocolate cherry cake to die for. It was across the road from Jazz Apple and had primarily an organic menu. Good place but Jazz Apple Kitchen had a better atmosphere.

Next time you are heading up the mountains, Glenbrook is definitely worth a stop.


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