Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rich Chocolate Chia Mousse + Other Healthy Chocolate Adventures

I've changed a lot from the days when I used to come home from uni or work feeling a little flat and consume a whole block of dairy chocolate. 

Or have I?  

I went to see a movie on my own a few weeks ago (total bliss), and I ate almost a whole block of chocolate. Yes, it was organic and raw, but I guess the tendency is still there!

These days I mostly gravitate towards more wholesome and raw chocolate sweets. 

It all started with my raw chocolate cupcakes

Then I made these raw cakey brownies from Feasting with Fruit. They're made with only cocoa, oats and dates but are so delicious! I ran out of dates so improvised a yummy raw icing out of blended banana, cocoa, coconut oil and maple syrup. So decadent!

Then my partner's sister very kindly made me this: 

The BEST chocolate mousse I've ever had! It's a Jamie Oliver recipe, made with avocado, coconut cream, melted chocolate, cocoa, maple syrup and vanilla. I'll definitely be making this myself. I love it when non-vegan friends introduce me to new vegan recipes!

On a chocolate roll, I made up this rich chocolate chia mousse to use up some thickened coconut cream (I use Alpine) I had lying around in the fridge. It's probably more of a dessert, but I had it for breakfast. It's very creamy and thick after being in the fridge overnight. I loved this one a lot!

Rich Chocolate Chia Mousse

1/2 cup thickened coconut cream (coconut yoghurt would probably work)
1/2 cup soy milk
2 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp chia seeds 
2 tbsp maple syrup/agave or to taste
dash of vanilla

Combine all ingredients and pop in the fridge overnight. Toppings as desired!


  1. I like your breakfast style Kate :D I also like the look of this a lot! I need to find some coconut cream that needs using, so I can have an excuse to make it.

    1. Thanks Kari! I think I'll be buying the cream just for this now that I know how yum it is :)

  2. I am with you on Chocolate though I am not always as healthy! (And I agree that seeing a movie by yourself is bliss.) All looks yummy. And nothing like a bit of fruit to make any sweet food look more healthy and fine for breakfast :-)

    1. Thanks Johanna! You're right about the fruit topping, haha :)

  3. I knew I would love this as soon as I read 'healthy chocolate adventures'. I am still a person who comes home from wok feeling flat and eats a whole block of chocolate... ha ha!

    All of these things look so yummy, and I'm a big fan of things that make themselves in the fridge overnight!

    1. Ah a kindred spirit :) overnight stuff is the best!!