Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sadhana Kitchen: Sydney Organic Wholefoods and Raw Cafe

I've been wanting to go to Sadhana Kitchen for ages so I was very excited to have lunch there recently with a friend. A little too excited, perhaps. As my friend suggested: "You should get out more often!" Ha!

In short, this place is basically food heaven for me. As much as I love cooking, I do sometimes dream about having a personal chef to cook me all the food I adore. Which is the kind of food at Sadhana. So sitting down to eat all of this gorgeous and nourishing food prepared by someone else, and not having to worry about the kids being entertained, not destroying the place etc., was a total treat!

To start with, we had some Better Than Tim Tams, just to make sure we could fit in as many sweets as possible! Chocolate cream between cashew cookies coated in raw chocolate. Yes, definitely better than the original biscuit! Rich and indulgent.

We moved onto legitimate lunch food. I ordered Sadhana Lasagne, layers of zucchini pasta, cashew cheese, pesto, walnut mince, spinach and tomato sauce. This was absolutely amazing. The tangy creamy cheese really made this dish.

My friend ordered Prana Pad Thai, kelp and zucchini noodle, salad, veggies and raw pad thai sauce. This was lovely and fresh, but I think the lasagne really stood out.   

We also had smoothies with our lunch: The Daily Green and Smooth Criminal. Very refreshing!

I wanted to order every single one of the raw desserts on display. My friend decided on the Mango Float Cheesecake. The texture of this was so creamy and light. 

I chose the White Chocolate Banoffe Pie. I'm not sure what was in all the layers, but it was one of the best raw desserts I've ever had.

I have no idea why anyone would eat the traditional dairy and egg laden versions of these desserts when these are an option. I love the care taken with every detail of these desserts.

I can't wait to go back. Check out the Sadhana menu if you're interested, or even better, go there to support this brilliant place. 

Sadhana Kitchen
147 Enmore Rd. Enmore, Sydney

{I have not received any compensation for this review. These are my independent thoughts!}


  1. Oh...I almost want to come back to Australia just to visit this place. What an amazing selection of dishes (and desserts)! I think I'd like to go for lunch with you as we clearly have similar tastes :)

    1. How fun would it be to have lunch together here?! We may never get out of there though :)